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1 the display of a motion picture [syn: showing, viewing]
2 fabric of metal or plastic mesh
3 the act of concealing the existence of something by obstructing the view of it; "the cover concealed their guns from enemy aircraft" [syn: cover, covering, masking]
4 testing objects or persons in order to identify those with particular characteristics

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  1. Mesh material that is used to screen (as in a "screen door").
    I'll have to buy some screening and fix the doors before mosquito season starts.
  2. The process of checking or filtering.
    The airports are slow now because the pre-boarding screening is so inefficient.


Mesh material that is used to screen
The process of checking or filtering

Verb form

  1. present participle of screen

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Screening, in general, is the investigation of a great number of something (for instance, people) looking for those with a particular problem or feature. One example is at an airport, where many bags get x-rayed to try to detect any which may contain weapons or explosives. People are also screened going through a metal detector. Even though the procedure aims at a large number of screens, it is always equivalent to sampling in statistics, because the complete population is almost always inaccessible for screening.
Screening has other, more specific meanings:
  • Screening (printing), a process that represents lighter shades as tiny dots, rather than solid areas, of ink
  • Electric field screening, in physics, the dampening of an electric field by mobile charges
  • In atomic physics and chemistry, screening effect refers to the observation that electronic properties of atoms are better described if atoms had a lower effective nuclear charge than that would be otherwise expected from the number of protons present
  • Screening (economics)
  • Screening (medicine)
  • Film screening, the display of a film in a movie theatre or screening room, for some special purpose such as testing or critical review
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